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I was born and raised in Hampton, Virginia. As a child, with little money growing up, I rarely had the opportunity to participate in artistic endeavors. Although I was unaware of the opportunities art could bring to me, I was very aware of a serious passion I had for pencils. My pre-teen years were consumed with getting pencils. I loved to draw with pencils. Each new pencil was like a new and fresh idea. I would check out the smoothness it made across paper. (I detested bumpy pencil lead!). I would eagerly examine it from eraser to pencil point. For each new pencil, I would try to draw something new and different. As a child, I paralleled new pencils with new inspiration. It was as if using an old pencil meant I would get an old creation. (I did not like the idea of being boxed into one idea or one way of doing things). As an adult, I create through my life experiences. Today, my “new pencils” are human beings, for they are my inspiration. I love connection. My passion is sharing..​


Elon University – Elon, North Carolina
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)  Broadcast Communications and Fine Arts(First black Fine Arts Major).

  • Corn Hill, Third Place, July 2017

  • Edward G Carson Award, October 2016

  • Best of Worldwide Abstract Artists, Kennedy Publishing (2012-13)

  • Elon University Alumni of the Year (Inaugural) Award, Humanities & the Arts, awarded May 2012. 

  • Stockley Gardens Mayor’s Award, Hope House Foundation, awarded May 2011.

  • Best of Worldwide Mixed Media Artists, Kennedy Publishing (2010)

  • South Eastern Virginia Artist Association, award recipient, October 2009.

  • Stockley Gardens Art Festival 2006 – selected to design Fall 2006 event poster.

  • Elon University “Young Alumni of the Year” nominee, June 2009.

  • For Kids Annual Auction - Norfolk, VA 2018 - Present

  • 2017 Renaissance, Art of African American Artist, World Trade Center, Norfolk

  • Mural - Five Points Market 12/16

  • Banneker - Douglass Museum - The Art of a People: Finding A Way Out of No Way, Gallery Show November 2015 - April 2016

  • Artist In Residence (Mural) - Willard Model Elementary February 2014

  • Elon University's Art Collection – original artwork bought by president Leo Lambert, November 2011.

  • ABC Network, “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” TV show, muralist, February 2011.

  • Equal Justice Works (EJW), Saint Petersburg, FL – donated artwork for annual charity auction, February 2007.

  • Port Orange Amphitheater, Port Orange, FL –   permanent exhibit (installed April 2007)

  • Ronald McDonald House, Orchid Fundraiser, Norfolk, VA – donated original artwork for fundraiser, April 2005.

  • United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Norfolk, VA – donated original artwork for charity fundraiser, March, 2005

  • SPICE International Art Show, Brixton Gallery, London, UK, September 2005

  • Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA – permanent exhibit (installed March 2004)

  • Holocaust Museum, Muralist, Richmond, VA - April 2003

  • Elon University, Moseley Student Center Permanent Exhibit (installed April 1999);


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